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Weaving a Split Bamboo Privacy Fence

Years ago, I built a small, keyhole, cob bordered garden on the back side of our house, next to the back deck.  This little garden has been my sanctuary.  I sit and watch the birds eat out of a glass feeder from a chair I spray painted bright colors.  The chair has a little yellow sun on it.  I like to sit and gaze upon “the nature” from this little seat outside.

All of these years, as great as this garden has been described, it has also had a bit of a problem… it is in a prime spot for all of the neighbors to also gaze upon the garden, and me in it.  Now, call me crazy, but when I’m out in my garden feeling all spiritual and connected, I don’t like the feeling of being watched.  Perhaps no one is looking at me and it is all in my head… but after much conversation with my husband, we decided that a decorative little privacy fence would serve as a nice mental block, even if no eyes were directed my way.

Aaron split whole bamboo canes that he has kept covered behind our back garage using a new bamboo splitter that he purchased off of the internet.  Bamboo itself has become a passion for both Aaron and I.  We grow it, craft with it, eat it and marvel at its brilliance.  Bamboo came into our lives due to my need for privacy, years ago… and it has once again stepped in to help with this recurring issue.
Here’s a little video time lapse I put together of Aaron and I building the bamboo fence.  We used green, metal garden “T-Posts” to secure the whole bamboo canes which serve as support for the split bamboo that we weaved through the canes.  It is a pretty simple, yet effective design.  Aaron came up with it 🙂  I took a lot of video of the entire process.  I am slowly working on putting a full-blown blog together using all of this video.  In the meantime, here’s a short time lapse of the project we are working on: